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Our mission is to offer music to everyone in Oldham of all ages and from all backgrounds. This has led to an ever increasing involvement with the wider community of Oldham. For babies and toddlers we offer Musical Beginnings. This also caters for children aged up to 4. These sessions develop the children’s musical, social, literacy and physical skills. Parents find that their children become more confident in social situations and many of them go on to play musical instruments and welcome music making as an important part of their lives.

Our portfolio of adult community groups has grown substantially over the last three years. We try to offer something for everyone whether it be performing pop songs in the Community Pop Choir or playing in our Community Wind or ‘Late Starters’ Bands. All you need to get involved is the ability to sing or play two or three notes. The rest is down to commitment and training. If you fancy trying your hand at writing then you can come along to the Song Writing Group. The Music Centre has also developed a thriving ukulele ensemble, called Uke Too, which has in turn led to the formation of a training group. There are also groups for blues musicians and acoustic guitar.

Being a member of a community group is great fun socially and everyone is also given the opportunity to perform regularly in concerts.

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