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Oldham Music Service - Gallery Concert 28.3.13
The Oldham Music Service has a long and proud tradition of working with schools to provide top quality musical education to our young people. Since 2003 we have been delivering whole class instrumental programmes into many of the primary schools in the Borough.

This approach to instrumental music making has successfully increased the awareness of music at the primary level and the programme includes full training and support. Musical instruments are provided for the children free of charge and our method of teaching allows the children to experience a wide range of musical activities which are both enjoyable and fun. The idea behind whole class instrumental programmes is to offer a glimpse of what music is all about to groups of young children who haven’t been exposed to music at all.

Every year over 1,000 children from the whole class instrumental programmes perform alongside the Hallé Orchestra during a unique concert at the Bridgewater Hall. Come and Play with the Hallé gives the children not only the opportunity to watch an award-winning symphony orchestra, perhaps for the first time, but also to perform alongside one.We have a tremendous working relationship with the Hallé and value their on-going support.

Oldham Music Service - One Sun, One World

We offer schools the choice of many different disciplines including Brass, Keyboard, Percussion, Strings, Voice and Woodwind tuition. Our teachers work with students from pre-school right through to those at sixth form who may be working towards places at Music College or University. We also supply an increasing number of schools with Curriculum Music provision at Key Stage 1 and 2 as well as workshops in various forms of World Music.
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