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We would continue to provide opportunities for young musicians from the HUB to join in a variety of ensemble activities which would be targeted at
a) those for whom opportunities do not already exist;
b) opportunities for more intermediate and advanced levels to take part in some of our higher level ensembles, masterclasses and special projects and
c) to provide opportunities for teachers within the HUB to share in teaching the pedagogy available here at Chetham's which can be achieved in a number of ways:

(i) shadowing individual teachers within a variety of instrumental/vocal departments;
(ii) taking part in INSET Days designed for teachers organised either by Chetham's or the HUB partners in an effective, proactive collaboration;
(iii) participation in instrument specific 'mini-conferences' alongside Chetham's teachers and national specialists in any given instrumental/vocal area presented as part of Chetham's Outreach programme;
(iv) special projects initiated by Chetham's such as the Delius Celebration in 2012 and the Britten Project of 2013.
Numerous opportunities will be offered such as instrumental starter sessions, choral/gospel days and participation in larger projects such as children's operas and composition projects;
(v) endeavour to provide support in areas of musical provision which are identified by members of the Greater Manchester HUB eg, encouraging young string players, single and double reed instruments and jazz.
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