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Greater Manchester Arts Officers Network (GMAON)
The Gmaon network is unique to the UK and provides a chance for local authority and cultural trust arts services across Greater Manchester to share best practice and collaborate. The network pools knowledge and resources from across the region to deliver stronger outcomes and increased outputs for communities, artists and arts organisations.
Gmaon devised the Greater Manchester Arts Vision in 2012, which is due to be launched early in 2013. This Vision provides a coherent and consistent set of aims and objectives across the ten boroughs, leading to a set of collaborative pilot projects, development and research. This includes an evaluation framework, low arts engagement and early years pilots, digital development and Artsroom, an online portal to connect educators with artists in the north west and provide artist support.
Gmaon’s strength is in its ease as a single portal for access to wide ranging communities, artists and organisations across Greater Manchester. There are regular collaborations with high profile organisations such as Manchester International Festival (Procession, Music Boxes). Gmaon is funded by AGMA and the Arts Council.
Gmaon is keen to work in partnership with the Greater Manchester Music Hub in reaching more communities and expanding innovative services.


Zoe Williams (Chair)
Manchester City Council
P.O. Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA (postal address)
0161 234 4260


• Distribution of information to local arts and community networks across Greater Manchester
• Point of contact for Greater Manchester-wide arts project proposals
• Arts evaluation framework
• Artsroom linking educators and artists, as well as artist support
• Greater Manchester Arts Vision

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