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National charity The Voices Foundation is all about singing. Not in the music- making, or performing, sense... but as an effective medium for delivering a high quality music curriculum, involving every teacher and every child.
By training non-specialist primary teachers to teach music - through singing - with skill and confidence, we support schools in helping their pupils to develop strong musicianship skills, and to enjoy all the additional benefits which singing can bring. The “Voices Foundation effect” can be transformational, with feedback like the example below received time and again from headteachers and staff taking our training:
“The fantastic in-service training we have had from The Voices Foundation has changed us from being a school which relied on one or two people who ‘did singing’, into a true ‘singing school’, where we all enjoy our sessions with the children.”

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The Voices Foundation
The Music Base
Kings Place
90 York Way
N1 9AG

020 7520 1430 Chief Executive Rebecca Le Brocq


o Tailored in-school training programmes for staff in EYFS, KS1, KS2 & KS3
o High quality teacher handbooks
o High quality CPD courses
o For more info, visit:
Play Achieve Inspire - Grater Manchester Music Hub