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Our Ensembles

We run a variety of ensembles here at the Music Centre. Whether it's our Key Stage One Choir or our Adult Community Wind Band, there is something for everyone.
There is a fee for joining our ensembles which is paid termly but once the fee is paid, there is no limit on the amount of ensembles that you/your child can join. A Performance Group Single Membership is £30.00 per term.
We also have a family membership that covers multiple children and adults from the same family that want to perform in the ensembles, whether that be various different groups or just one. A Performance Group Family Membership is £50.00 per term.

If your child attends our Whitworth Hub, the cost is the same as if they were to attend any of our centre groups, here at the town hall. If you are paying to attend groups the hub, you can join any of our ensembles at the centre with no extra cost.

Our Whitworth Hub runs on a Friday afternoon at Tonacliffe Primary School. Currently, we hold 4 sessions. Enroll at Tonacliffe Primary or Contact the Music Service.
Key Stage One Music Group - 3:45pm until 4:15pm
Key Stage One Ukulele Group - 4:15pm until 4:45pm
Key Stage Two Ukulele Group - 4:45pm until 5:15pm
Pop Choir - 3:45pm until 4:15pm.
If you are interested in joining any of our ensembles, please complete the application form and return it to the service, either to our Centre or by email.
Our Membership Application Form
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