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Do I have to buy the instrument I want lessons on?
Rochdale Music Service provide instruments free of charge (except drums). However, students are encouraged to buy their own instruments if they progress well. Parents are asked to sign a loan agreement before their child is given an instrument.

Is my instrument insured?
We advise that you take out insurance, as once the instrument is out of the Music Centre, it is no longer insured.

What happens if my instrument needs to be repaired?
If the repair is needed because of fair wear and tear, just bring it back to the Music Centre where it will be repaired free of charge. If the repair is needed due to negligence on the part of the student, a charge may be made. A charge may also be made for repairs to privately owned instruments.

What happens if I miss a lesson because of a school trip or if I’m ill?
Lesson credits are only given if the teacher is absent or if an arrangement has been made. Usually, if the teacher is available to teach, the lesson will be charged.

Where can I buy accessories for my instrument?
The Music Centre office has a range of accessories for sale including reeds, strings, rosin, cork grease, valve oil, manuscript paper and a small selection of mouthpieces.

What age can my child start to have lessons?
As soon as they are able to hold the instrument, they can start lessons in the Music Centre. Schools may have different policies about starting ages, so consult them if you wish to have instrumental lessons there.
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