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If you are interested in learning to play a musical instrument and go to a Salford school then the first person to ask is your class teacher in primary schools or the Head of Music if you are in a secondary school. The school will then get in touch with us.

Which instruments can I learn to play?
We teach keyboard, steel pans, voice and piano as well as a number of other instruments:

■Woodwind - recorder, flute, clarinet and saxophone
■Brass - trumpet, cornet, horn, baritone, trombone and tuba
■Orchestral strings - violin, viola, cello and double bass
■Rock and pop - guitar, bass guitar and drum kit
All schools offer a different selection and some pass all the charges onto parents or carers although some subsidise the tuition.

If your school does not offer instrumental tuition or you do not attend a Salford school, you can still learn if you become a member of the MAPAS Arts Centres.

For some, part of playing an instrument is the taking of grade examinations. We offer examination sessions three times a year and in agreement with the MAPAS tutor and parents or carers, pupils are entered for these when they are ready.

We use the Associated Board examination system but through our involvement in the Greater Manchester Music Hub can offer alternative examination boards such as Rock School and Trinity.
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