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There are many ways to start playing a musical instrument with MAPAS.

Wider opportunities
In many of Salford’s schools, we deliver whole class instrumental tuition or wider opportunities. Every child in the class is taught to play an instrument alongside their classmates. The lessons also include learning how to read music and lots of singing. After their time learning as a whole class many choose to carry on having lessons in smaller groups.

Small group or individual lessons in school
Many Salford schools offer instrumental lessons to pupils and MAPAS tutors visit these schools to teach a range of instruments and styles. The instruments are loaned to the pupils by MAPAS free of charge but sometimes the schools pass on the cost of the lessons to parent and carers.

Individual lessons at the Arts Centre
In some cases individual lessons can be carried out at our evening Arts Centre based at Moorside High School. These lessons are charged for and are usually for the more advanced students but some beginners can be accommodated.

Making music with others is one of the most important parts of learning to play an instrument and so we support schools to set up groups as well as running many of our own bands, choirs and orchestras for performers of all ages and abilities.

We run ensembles at the Arts Centre at Moorside High School and “satellite” groups in a number of locations. The Moorside groups cater for all standards whilst the others are for those at the start of their musical journey.
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