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Instrument hire and purchase

Children and young people playing in Music Service groups or having lessons with a Music Service tutor can take advantage of two schemes that ensure they have access to an instrument at an affordable cost.

The Music Service instrument hire scheme allows parents/carers to hire an instrument from the Music Service at an affordable price so that the cost of buying an instrument does not prevent a pupil from having lessons.

The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS) allows parents/carers to purchase an instrument through the Music Service and benefit from the VAT saving and any discounts that suppliers give to us. This scheme has the full support of HMRC and strict criteria apply but we can advise if you are eligible and most parents/carers are.

You can contact the office for further details of both options using the information shown on the Contact Us pages. Please contact the office before filling in the forms below to ensure the correct instrument is available for your child.

Useful forms for parents

Assisted instrument purchase form click to view pdf.

Instrument loan form click to view pdf.

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