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]We have a range of activities which we can offer to support you in your delivery of music. We try to tailor our packages to the needs of individual schools so feel free to speak to a member of the team to discuss other options and the best way forward for your school.

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching

The aim of Whole Class Ensemble Teaching programme is to provide children with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and sing as well as to develop general musicianship skills such as pitch, pulse, rhythm, listening, notation etc. Performance opportunities are also built into the programme so classes involved in the tuition will have the opportunity to perform each term either at school or another venue (or both!).

During the academic year 14/15 Tameside Music Service has provided tuition/support to 92% of all Tameside’s Schools (including Special Schools and Academies). Over 50% of schools now have school ensembles and/or small group instrumental tuition following Whole Class Ensemble Teaching.

Whole class tuition includes the provision of instruments, teaching materials and resources and at least one Music Service teacher for a whole class, working alongside a class teacher. Due to the rising costs of instrument purchase, replacement, maintenance and repair it is necessary for us to charge a nominal hire fee for instruments.

Continuation Opportunities

We also offer a range of continuation opportunities for the pupils who have already been learning (e.g. whole class, small group lessons, ensembles, extra-curricular clubs, etc).

In addition to delivering a range of instrumental/vocal tuition, ensembles, music clubs etc we can also help to support and develop the music curriculum in your school through working with Music Co-ordinators/class teachers/Senior Leaders/whole staff etc either on a 1:1 classroom support basis or through school-based INSET/staff-meetings.

It has been identified in a National Impact Assessment as crucial that the class teacher remains in the classroom working in partnership with Music Service staff, supporting and participating in the tuition. As well as being best practice by drawing on complementary skills, it also provides useful CPD for the class teacher (and any support staff) involved. It is strongly recommended by Tameside Music Service and the National Plan, that Whole Class programmes should be at least a year and even better 2 years, in order to be of maximum benefit to pupils and increase the likelihood of continuation. For this reason I would urge you to consider booking a 20 or 30 week programme rather than choosing the 10 week option. It will also work out cheaper than a ‘pay as you go’ option as longer projects include additional discounts as well as making timetabling easier. For this reason the last term of the whole class ensemble teaching includes a 50% subsidy and instrument hire for that term includes a 75% subsidy.

Prices from 01.09.16 – 31.08.17 (SCHOOLS)

TMS Partnership Subscription Package 15/16 includes: £85 per year

Attendance for 1 member of staff at all TMS Music Network Meetings (normally £65)
Free access to TMS twilights and CPD events (normally £26 each)
Discounted rates for TMS courses
Free schools’ membership to Music Mark (the National Music Association) and all their resources
Access to subsidised/discounted resources from TMS partners e.g. Charanga
Eligibility to be put forward for TMS/GM Hub events/projects/courses e.g. Come and Play, Adopt-a-Player/World Voice/First Access Challenge and free projects offered by GM Hub partners
Free ‘one-off’ instrument hire for special short-term projects in school
Free phone or email advice/consultancy re ongoing projects/tuition/events
Free school visit from TMS to discuss school music provision and advise on a bespoke school strategy

Primary Music Co-ordinator/Secondary Music Teacher Network meetings
1 member of school staff to attend twilight meeting:
Free as part of TMS Partnership Subscription Package otherwise: 1 term - £26 or all 3 terms - £65

Charanga Licence
TMS Partnership Schools - £130 for Full school licence until September 2017 (discounted from £200)
Non-TMS Partnership Schools - £160

Staff Meetings/School- based INSET/CPD (inc Charanga) £105 per hour or ½ day £210

Curriculum advice/consultancy/support for co-ordinator etc £53 per hour

Curriculum/classroom support/class workshops (alongside class teacher) £53 per hour

Early Years/Foundation Stage music workshops for 30 mins (up to 2 classes) £50

EY/Foundation/KS1 Intervention programme (up to 6 in a group) - £250 per term (30 mins).
To target the development of communication, language, social and emotional and motor skills while increasing confidence, self-esteem and concentration.

Whole class singing/vocal/music support projects for 1 hr
Half-term project e.g. to work towards a production/assembly/concert/singing event £ 315
1 term projects e.g. specific programme to develop language/literacy/maths skills £ 590
Full year projects e.g. for any of the above or to generally develop singing skills £1470

Cross-curricular/Instrumental Workshops e.g. African drumming/Gamelan/Samba/ Arts Days/Healthy Eating etc including instruments
£220 per morning, £147 per afternoon, £340 per school day otherwise £73 per hour

Curriculum Delivery/PPA cover (‘one-off’ or weekly rates as workshops) otherwise:
Full Yr (35 wks) Autumn (13 wks) Spring (11 wks) Summer (11 wks)
am £6000 £2340 £1980 £1980
pm £4000 £1560 £1320 £1320
day £9250 £3640 £3080 £3080

Whole class instrumental/vocal ensemble teaching up to 1 hour
1 term (minimum 10 weeks)
Core price: £ 590
Instrument loan element:
Up to 16 £ 105
17 - 32 £ 210
2 terms (minimum 20 weeks)
Core price: £1150
Instrument loan element:
Up to 16 £ 210
17 – 32 £ 420

3 terms (minimum 30 weeks) NB prices include substantial discount for the last term
Core price: £1470
Instrument loan element:
Up to 16 £ 260

17 – 32 £ 470
NB Recorder, Penny Whistle, Ocarina loan - £40 per class set per term. Samba sets - £50 per term

Individual/small group instrumental/vocal tuition (up to 6 in a group for 30 mins)
Core Prices:
1 term (minimum 10 weeks) for 30 mins - £195, 45 mins - £290, 1 hr - £385
2 terms (minimum 21 weeks) for 30 mins - £385, 45 mins - £574, 1 hr - £765
3 terms (minimum 33 weeks) for 30 mins – £540, 45 mins - £800, 1 hr - £1050
Instrument loan:
£6 per instrument per term

Extra-curricular club/ensemble/group/choir for pupils already receiving tuition (up to 15)
Core Prices: As individual/small group instrumental/vocal tuition
Instrument loan:
Recorders/Ocarinas/Penny Whistles - £40 per set per term
Samba - £50 per set per term
Other instruments - £6 per instrument per term

Instrumental/vocal tuition to support GCSE/BTech Core Price:
For all academic year 16/17 (at least 33 weeks) £1050 per hour (minimum booking 30 mins per instrument group)
Instrument loan:
£6 per instrument per term

Music Theory Class (for up to 4 pupils) for 30 mins £540 for all year(min 33 wks)

Instrument loan only (with no tuition provided by TMS)
1 term - £20 per instrument , 3 terms - £50 per instrument
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