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Melody Makers Scheme

Trafford Music Service and Trafford Virtual School are piloting a new scheme to help support Trafford’s Looked After Children and their families through the medium of music.

We will be running a musical morning, Melody Makers on a Saturday once a month, 11am to 2pm, starting on Saturday 22 November. Attendance is completely free of charge and all family members, including siblings, are very welcome to attend. Families simply need to register through our website to take part.

Our scheme has three main aims:
•To support children in building confidence, forming relationships and developing a sense of responsibility
•To ensure that all Looked After Children are aware of the progression routes available to them for musical development
•To help families to build strong positive relationships with each other.

Learning music is fantastic for building confidence and self-esteem, as well as helping children to form positive relationships with others. The group also allows carers the opportunity to network with other families, share ideas and experiences and generally have a fun relaxing morning! Workshops will vary from month to month, using a range of instruments and resources:


Our Indonesian gamelan orchestra is an impressive sight - enormous solid wood frames holding gongs and chimes, hand painted in beautiful colours. The music is built up from a group of individuals each playing very simple parts. The overall effect is incredibly calm and soothing - almost meditative in its quality.


Recent trends have seen ukulele clubs popular with adults and children alike - and with good reason. Ukuleles are quick to learn and sound great played together. They can be played on their own or as accompaniment to your favourite songs!

African drumming

Used extensively in schools these drums combine simple rhythms to produce a powerful sound. Great for channelling frustrations and releasing energy.

Melody Makers takes place in Claremont Music Centre, Sale, and is easy to get to from all areas of Trafford. Attendance is completely free of charge and all family members, including sibling, are very welcome to attend.

We hope that it will be a really fun experience for children and adults alike! Free tea, coffee and biscuits are also provided!

To register, please fill in our Melody Makers application form
If you would like to find out more information, please contact the music service on 0161 911 8660 and ask for either Rachel Cooper or Ruth O’Keefe.

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