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Wigan Music Service has developed an enviable reputation for its wide ranging instrumental music provision over the past 20 years. More recently the range of services on offer to schools to support curriculur music and empower teachers in our schools has delveloped rapidly.

Over 500 pupils take part in our weekly programme of ensemble activities with many aspiring to become members of our award winning senior bands, orchestras and choirs. For others, the sheer joy of playing and being a part of a special community of other musicians is their motivation.

The standard of Wigan’s young musicians is outstanding with many individuals reaching the highest musical standards and going on to become members of prestigious national ensembles and students at our leading conservatoires. Our Youth Brass Band recentley took part in the Music for Youth National Festival in Birmingham, where some of the comments from the Judges were "There isn't a weak section in this Band", "I played this piece 20 years ago and can't remember it sounding this good!", "I haven't written a lot as I was enjoying it too much!"
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Through the Wider Opportunities whole class instrumental programme and our traditional small group tuition, 6000 Wigan pupils are currently learning to play a musical instrument and many more make music through our highly acclaimed vocal strategy and curriculum support work. In school year 2013-14, 10,000 Wigan pupils have regularly engaged with the service through the service's curricular and co-curricular contribution to education in the Borough.

Each year three-thousand Wigan pupils experience ‘Let’s Sing!’. Our conductor Keith Orrell is widely regarded as one the country's finest choral directors and his tireless enthusiasm for youth choral music has driven this project since summer 2006. Keith’s work in the schools has been aided by the work of vocal specialists from within the Wigan Music Service team.

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