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Music with Early Years and Foundation Stage

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Creating Happy & Imaginative Music Environments (CHIME)

This fun, exciting and varied programme of musical experiences is underpinned by the four principles of the EYFS curriculum, enabling children to develop musical skills, communication skills, self-esteem and to achieve a sense of well-being.

It is designed to provide a broad range of musical experiences (for Nursery and Reception) that combine collective singing and music sessions together with opportunities for child-initiated music-making through interactive and semi-structed play.

The rich and diverse content of the programme makes matural and meaningful links with the three prime areas of the EYFS curriculum framework:

. Communication and Language (including Letters and Sounds Phase One and "Every Child a Talker" programmes)

. Physical Development

. Personal Social and Emotional Development

The CHIME project also offers rich support to the specific area of Expressive Arts and Design, as children will explore and play with a range of instruments. They will have many opportunities to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings as they respond to a variety of musical sounds, songs and games.

During each session staff will have the opportunity to join in with the children, to learn new skills and repertoire, and to develop strategies to extend children's musical learning. The programme allows for on-going dialogue and collaboration between staff so that vital opportunities for extension work, for continous provision and for home links are fully supported. In this way, we hope that the programme will assist you in creating a happy, imaginative and musical environment where every child's music matters.

For further information please contact Imelda Shirley on 01942 766169
or email

Continuous Curriculum Support & Delivery

Wigan Music Service is able to provide flexible packages of ongoing music curriculum delivery and support in your school.

The 2008-11 Ofsted Triennial Report -‘ Wider still, and Wider -quality and inequality in music education’ reported that over a three year inspection period “Inspectors found wide differences in the quality and quantity of music education across the schools visited………far too much provision was inadequate or barely satisfactory. Few schools had a clear understanding about how students should make good musical progress.”

Wigan Music Service is able to play an important role in supporting schools who wish to develop their music curriculum and pedagogy through a unique programme of curriculum delivery.

This comprehensive programme of CPD is intended to make a significant contribution towards raising attainment in music across the key stages 1 and 2 by focusing on the development of skills and confidence when teaching and learning music.

Why is this programme unique?

From the outset each class teacher is involved in the planning, assessment and delivery of the scheme of work. Teachers are encouraged to either team-teach or lead a 30 minute music lesson on an alternate weekly basis with the specialist teacher delivering a session in between, modelling good practice. Valuable opportunities for feedback and discussion are built into each weekly session. Schemes of work are designed according to National Curriculum requirements and draw upon familiar resources found in most schools.
We endeavour to plan schemes which will compliment and enhance school topic-based work and cross-curricular learning. Performance opportunities are sought as often as possible so that teachers and pupils are able to share their learning and celebrate success.

How will this fit in with our school timetable?

The programme is available as a morning or afternoon session. Morning sessions are based on 3 hours 20 minutes of delivery and afternoon sessions on 2 hours. Each session will include 30 minutes teaching time and 10 minutes feedback / follow-up planning time with the class teacher.

A typical example of a morning session covering KS1 & 2 is:

9.00-9.40 - Year 1
9.40-10.20 - Year 2
10.20-11.00 - Year 3
11.10-11.50 - Year 4/5*
11.50-12.30 - Year 6

(*The class receiving the Wider Opportunities Programme is excluded from this model)

A typical example of an afternoon session accommodating fewer classes is:

1.10 - 1.50 - Year 1
1.50 - 2.30 - Year 2
2.30 - 3.10 - Year 3

This is a flexible model therefore we will endeavour to meet school timetable requirements whenever possible.

How long does the programme last?

This programme is designed to take place over a period of one academic year (33 weeks) for the full benefits to be felt across the school. However, if you are assured that your school workforce are confident to continuously deliver regular, high quality musical experiences for all children and would benefit from a ‘refresher’ course, this programme is also available as an 11 week ‘top-up’ programme.

How much will it cost?

33 week programme: Morning Session £5,500.00

Afternoon Session £3,300.00

11 week programme: Morning Session £ 1,850.00

Afternoon Session £ 1,100.00

Schools undertaking this programme will be given access free of charge to Wiganmusiconline, digital teaching and learning resource.

In the light of the recent publication of the National Plan for Music Education and the National Curriculum Review it is the responsibility of schools and music hubs (local music services) to ensure that every child has access to a high quality music provision that encompasses classroom teaching, instrumental and vocal tuition and opportunities to play in ensembles, learning from professional musicians.

How can I make this happen in my school from September 2014?

If you would like to know more about this programme or any other aspect of music education in the primary phase please contact Wigan Music Service on 01942 776169 or email

Taking place once every term, network meetings provide valuable opportunities for colleagues to discuss current issues within their phase of education. Colleagues will recieve professional guidance, training and support from music specialists with the Music Service, visiting speakers and high quality external providers.

Meetings are free of charge for staff in WIgan Schools.

Details of meetings will be made available on this website and posted to schools within the Wigan authority.
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