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Greater Manchester Youth Wind Orchestra

The Wind Orchestra has long been a mainstay of the musical landscape, with composers of great repute writing for the ensemble. Since the early 1980s, there has been a sustained growth in both the number of ensembles within Britain and a push to improve the repertoire, with composers once more pushing the technical and musical abilities of those taking part.

The GMYWO brings together the very best young players from our individual brass and wind bands to form a flagship ensemble for the region, which challenges the members with its repertoire. The members rise to this challenging experience every year and their eventual musical outcome  can be seen at the end of year’s celebration concert at The Bridgewater Hall each summer.

GMY Wind Orchestra

Membership Information: Each Autumn, tutors from the nine GM Hub Music Services nominate pupils for selection to become members. The GMYWO meets three weekends each year and performs throughout the year.

Membership is by invitation from your local music service – if you feel that you have the motivation and skills to benefit from this group please contact Salford Music and Performing Arts Service (MAPAS) on 0161 778 0256  or Stockport Music Service on  0161 483 7636.

If you have received an invitation letter, then please click on the following link to Book your membership for the GMYWO