Young Singing Leaders Programme

In 2016, in partnership with the National Choral Organisation, Sing for Pleasure, the GM Music Hub started an exciting programme for Young Singing Leaders to develop the leadership and conducting skills to direct a singing group or ensemble.

Each Music Service was invited to put forward two or three students from Year 9 upwards to take part in the programme which consisted of three practical workshop days, together with the opportunity to put the practical skills into practise on a local basis by helping with a Music Service or school choir.

The aim of the programme is for students to develop the following skills and knowledge:

  • Standing in front of a group
  • Confidence
  • Gesture
  • Leading a song
  • How to teach a song effectively
  • Knowledge of warm-ups
  • Directing a performance
  • Making decisions about a performance
  • How to improve a performance
  • Presentation

They also sing together as a group and are involved in discussion as well as practical participation.

Last year, the collaboration extended to the Royal Northern College of Music, with six students also participating. This was so successful that it will continue in 2019 and the application form will soon be circulated. Anyone interested in applying for the 2019 programme should contact their local Music Service for more information.